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Products & Services - Catholic Legacy Advantage

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Designed to appeal to younger members of the Catholic faith, the Catholic Legacy Advantage (SM) offers free membership and valuable benefits to all who enroll in the plan.  Anyone baptized in the Catholic faith is eligible to participate at any age.

The Catholic Legacy Advantage (SM) program provides those who are not yet interested in the selection of burial property with a very convenient way to protect themselves and their families in the event of an unexpected loss.  The valuable benefits accrued under the plan can be transferred to anyone designated by the enrollee in the event of a need.

The enrollment process is quick and easy.  It can be an important way to reconnect with your Catholic roots.  Whether you are currently a practicing Catholic or whether you have been away from the Church for a long time, the Catholic Legacy Advantage (SM) program ensures that a place is reserved for your use in a diocesan cemetery of your choice, and if, God forbid, you have an unexpected loss in your family, you will have protection in place to mitigate the financial and emotional trauma associated with such an event.

There is no need to meet with anyone or make any specific selections to put this important protection in place.  Simply complete the enrollment form on this site and the benefits and protection begin.

  • Your enrollment immediately entitles you to a $300 Catholic Legacy Advantage (SM) member discount on any purchase at a diocesan cemetery at any time in the future, as long as you are a member in the program.
  • If an unexpected loss occurs while you are an active member of the Catholic Legacy Advantage (SM) program, you are entitled to a burial site at no cost to you.  This is in addition to the $300 discount benefit.
  • The monthly contributions you make to your plan accumulate and serve as a safety net at the time of a loss.
  • You control how and when accumulated value in your plan is used.
  • The accumulated value in your plan is fully transferrable to anyone you designate at a time of need.
  • You will receive a quarterly news release keeping you updated on additional benefits offered by the plan and important planning tools to help you in the event of a need.

  • You will also receive a professional template that can be downloaded for recording your family tree information and your personal connection to your Catholic roots.

You can do something about the rapidly increasing funeral and burial costs.  You can provide immediate, convenient and affordable protection for your loved ones in the Catholic tradition, and in the privacy of this web site.  Complete the membership application today and let the protection begin.  One day you will be very glad you did.

Would you like to find out more about the Catholic Legacy Advantage (SM)?

Call us at 1.866.794.5081 for more information...


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