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eCommerce Site ( FAQs
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Are products on the eCommerce site available for year-round purchase?

CCA's eCommerce site purchases are designed for floral programs for specific holidays. Each year the Christmas wreath program will permit families to purchase wreaths and decorative tree arrangements for placement on a loved one's grave or crypt front. CCA will be adding a new on-line purchasing program for Mother's Day and Easter flowers.

What kind of payments do you accept?

The eCommerce store permits credit card payments through the PayPal system. Payments can be made directly from your PayPal account. We currently do not accept other forms of payment via the on-line eCommerce site.

Are there other ways to buy these products from CCA?

Absolutely! Just stop by any of our cemetery offices during the holidays when the programs are available or call us directly. We can accept cash, check or credit card in the offices to complete your order.


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