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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Sales & Parish Cemetery Services FAQs

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Parish Cemetery Services FAQs
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How can I find the parish cemetery where my grandfather is buried?
You should have some of the following information on hand before calling the PCS office at 724-942-3477:  (a) All possible spellings of the deceased, (b) name of church, (c) name of the town where the deceased lived, (d) date of death.  The PCS office will provide the names and telephone numbers of the parishes with cemeteries that are in the vicinity of the church or town that you give. 
Is there a central listing of all burials in parish cemeteries in the diocese?
No.  You must contact the individual parish that is responsible for the parish cemetery.
I’m not sure of the name of the church or town.  Where do I go from here?
Ask relatives if they can recall the name of the church or town.  Another idea that may refresh your memory is to review the entire alphabetic list of towns with parish cemeteries in this web site.  The telephone numbers of the parishes are in this list.   Another resource is the Division of Vital Records in New Castle where copies of all burial permits are sent for their records.  The address and telephone numbers are:
Division of Vital Records
724-656-3100 or 1-800-942-8073
101 South Mercer Street
P.O. Box 1528
New Castle, PA  16103

Sales Department FAQs
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Why a Catholic cemetery?
All cemeteries are not created equal. For a Catholic, burial in a Catholic cemetery is a final act of faith, to one's belief in the resurrection of the body and everlasting life. The Catholic cemetery is a sacred place set aside vy the Church for the burial of the faithful. The bodies of those buried there rest under the watchful eye of the local Bishop until the last day. The Catholic cemetery is an extension of the parish community where those who have worshipped together in life now rest together in peace, awaiting Christ's return in glory.
What's the difference between a Catholic cemetery and a public cemetery?
The Catholic cemetery is a sacred place set aside by the Church for burial of the Faithful. Those buried there share a common belief in the sacredness of the body and the resurrection of the dead. The Catholic cemetery reflects the Church's teachings and traditions.
Are Catholic cemeteries run for a profit?
No. Unlike most public cemeteries that are often part of large, for-profit corporations, The Catholic Cemeteries Association is a not-for-profit organization. All of the money we receive is invested back into the organization for perpetual care, maintenance, and development of new Catholic cemeteries for the future.
Do Catholic cemeteries have mausoleums?
Yes. Many of the diocesan Catholic cemeteries have mausoleums for those who prefer above-ground entombment. Other options include garden crypts, lawn crypts and traditional in-ground burial.
Are Catholics permitted to be cremated?
Yes. Catholics may be cremated. The Church continues to view burial of the body as perferable.
I've already made arrangements at a public cemetery. What can I do?
Usually, burial space in other cemeteries can be re-sold, either directly by the purchaser or by having the cemetery re-sell the plot or crypt.
What if I leave the area after I've purchased in a Catholic cemetery?
The Catholic Cemeteries Association has a relocation benefit which entitles you to a refund, minus a small transfer fee. The CCA also participates in a National Catholic Cemetery Relocation Program. We can locate the Catholic Cemetery nearest your new home and transfer your burial rights at no cost to you.
What is the right time to consider making final arrangements?
Now, while you are able to make such decisions in a calm manner and when the cost of burial arrangements is more affordable.
Can I get a space for the rest of my family?
Yes. You can purchase as much burial space as needed for your family, and you may designate in writing those for whom the burial space has been reserved.
Is financing available?
Absolutely! The Catholic Cemeteries Association provides a range of financing options, including a three-year, interest-free program.
Aren't the Catholic Cemeteries full?
No! All of the diocesan Catholic cemeteries have space available. And, we continue to develop new cemeteries for the future.
What about maintenance and perpetual care?
The Catholic Cemeteries Association is dedicated to the perpetual care and maintenance of its properties.

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